Hear new voices of radon-induced lung cancer survival woven throughout the Symposium. Be inspired by how three Keynote Speakers diagnosis and recovery shifted personal passions to an action planBe a part of their plan and take away new tools to increase radon testing and mitigation in your service area.  You will discover new directions for radon policy, emerging technical advances in measurement and mitigation, and cutting-edge radon science and research.  Visit  the  Trade Show featuring radon and business-related companies offering useful and interesting products and services.
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Douglas Mose

Science Teacher (1970-2015) at George Mason University in VA, Brooklyn College in NY, University of
Kansas, Germanna Community College in VA, Preston International University, Center for Basic and
Applied Science in VA. Research Publications in Scientific Journals (1975-2010) on Radioactivity in
Air/Water/Soil, Hydrocarbon and Mercury Contamination in Air/Water/Soil, Alternate Energy and
Biofuel Production. Recent Research (2010-present) on indoor chemical and biological contaminants,
and consultant at HomeHealthDiagnostics in VA

Extra Request for Marketing:
Studies using 3-month tests of indoor radon show that local geology and home construction can provide
predictions about potential indoor radon concentrations. Care should be taken when making reports on
radon concentrations, as the ability of short-term (few day) measurements to make next month or next
year predictions is less than widely believed.